E57 Files – The PDF of the 3D World

What is an E57 File?

The E57 file type is a compact, vendor-neutral pointcloud format that allows images captured in 3D to be shared for remote viewing. This gives the ability to extract data from a digital twin with ten times the detail of a traditional Matterpak.

What are the benefits of an E57 File?

E57 files give AEC professionals and designers the ability to collaborate more effectively which can save cost and reduce time during the work flow process. The additional detail of these files also give the best understanding of the space when viewing remotely.

How To Enhance Your Virtual Tour

Digital Twin technology is revolutionizing the way people interact with property both personally and professionally.  Whether you are a designer working on a new project, retail shop looking to provide a virtual shopping experience, restaurant concept, or hunting for your next home or office space – a Digital Twin provides remote viewing and an unmatchable perspective. 

Making your digital twin stand apart from the next includes paying attention to the details within your virtual scan! Metroplex 360 is able to provide some additional overlay options that give you the added touch needed to emphasize your space’s virtual tour.

Take a look at one of our most recent projects with CBRE (Click Here)!


One feature that may be beneficial to your space, is linking several digital twin scans into a single showcase. This can be helpful when you have multiple spaces that are not physically linked. This gives your intended viewer one showcase link that they are able to click through, without the hassle of toggling between multiple links to get the full picture.

CBRE captured by Metroplex 360


Strategically placing a logo within your digital twin adds consistency to your business and your businesses branding strategy. It has become increasingly more important to input a logo as an added detail in order to stand apart from competing virtual tours. A banner logo can be added to display during the loading process of the virtual tour, as well as into the details summary page. 

CBRE captured by Metroplex 360


Metroplex 360 provides the following as additional showcase inclusions:

  • Enhanced About Box
  • Link to aerial photography / videography 
  • Link to PDF brochure 
  • Minimap
  • Mattertag DIRECTORY 
  • Featured Image in Detail Panel
  • Dollhouse View Background Color Option (Black, White, Grey)
  • Color Filters
  • Background Music

Already have a digital twin of your space that needs added to? Metroplex 360 is able to provide these overlay options on previous 3D Matterport scans. For more information, email us at: booking@metroplex360.com or click here!

Explore VariSpace in Las Colinas, Texas in 3D

VariSpace is designed to elevate the way businesses approach the office. This innovative workspace brings first-class amenities and flexible space solutions together in a multi-tenant campus ideal for enterprise-level tenants. Tenantslexible lease terms of three years or longer; opportunities are available from 10,000 square feet and above.

Vari created the original VariDesk®, the world’s leading standing desk solution, and in just a few years sold millions worldwide. By combining their strength in office furnishings with bold investments in commercial real-estate, Vari was able to create VariSpace — a fully furnished solution for businesses looking for flexible workspace.

Vari partnered with Metroplex360 RCS to create Virtual Tours of their Las Colinas facility located minutes from the Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport at 901 W Walnut Hill Ln, Irving, TX 75038. The tour is posted prominently on their website and allows prospective tenants to take a 3D walkthrough from their lobby and into multiple workspaces, the cafeteria and amenities using Mattertags to connect the spaces.

See the tours below:

Learn more: www.varispace.com

Metroplex360 RCS has captured over 1,000,000 square feet of commercial real estate for leading CRE firms to assist owners, investors and occupiers with leasing and managing their spaces.

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