Google Street View – We’re Connecting to the Street!

As a Google Trusted Agency, we provide panoramic tours that help to enhance our clients’ Google listings in both search and on Google Maps.

One of the biggest challenges for us has been responding to client requests to update their street-level imagery.

Occasionally, we are lucky enough to publish a tour to Google Maps that connects a customer’s business to the street, (, but our success is at the mercy of a rather random decision made by Google’s processing platform.  We know all the tricks and best practices — we hope for the best, but expect to take people to the street without a connection.

However, this is about to change.

I had the opportunity to attend Google Street View Summit 2018.  At the summit, Google announced that Trusted Photographers would not be provided access to providing street level imagery to power their maps.

So basically, we were asked to be the Street View Car.

And we couldn’t be more thrilled to have the power to update street level imagery.  We’ve chosen the NCTech iStar Pulsar to provide industry leading panoramic imagery captured from the rooftop of our own ‘Google Car’ that will directly publish to Google.

What’s next?  We’re going to tackle real world problems for businesses that want to make the best first impression they can.

Like getting rid of the the Starbucks signage below — and then fixing the ‘Coming Soon’ sign that appears when you get closer… because it’s a local hotspot now — not a construction zone!


And maybe we’ll turning this CiCi’s Pizza

Into Delucca’s Gaucho Pizza & Wine


First impressions are important.  Google Maps powers numerous navigation systems.  The imagery shows up on search and in the infographs.  Google even uses advanced machine learning to read signs and correctly position businesses on its maps and add information to enhance your search results.  Wrong image?  Wrong information!

If you see this little guy mounted on a Prius this August, you are welcome to wave :)



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