How To Enhance Your Virtual Tour

Digital Twin technology is revolutionizing the way people interact with property both personally and professionally.  Whether you are a designer working on a new project, retail shop looking to provide a virtual shopping experience, restaurant concept, or hunting for your next home or office space – a Digital Twin provides remote viewing and an unmatchable perspective. 

Making your digital twin stand apart from the next includes paying attention to the details within your virtual scan! Metroplex 360 is able to provide some additional overlay options that give you the added touch needed to emphasize your space’s virtual tour.

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One feature that may be beneficial to your space, is linking several digital twin scans into a single showcase. This can be helpful when you have multiple spaces that are not physically linked. This gives your intended viewer one showcase link that they are able to click through, without the hassle of toggling between multiple links to get the full picture.

CBRE captured by Metroplex 360


Strategically placing a logo within your digital twin adds consistency to your business and your businesses branding strategy. It has become increasingly more important to input a logo as an added detail in order to stand apart from competing virtual tours. A banner logo can be added to display during the loading process of the virtual tour, as well as into the details summary page. 

CBRE captured by Metroplex 360


Metroplex 360 provides the following as additional showcase inclusions:

  • Enhanced About Box
  • Link to aerial photography / videography 
  • Link to PDF brochure 
  • Minimap
  • Mattertag DIRECTORY 
  • Featured Image in Detail Panel
  • Dollhouse View Background Color Option (Black, White, Grey)
  • Color Filters
  • Background Music

Already have a digital twin of your space that needs added to? Metroplex 360 is able to provide these overlay options on previous 3D Matterport scans. For more information, email us at: or click here!

Benefits of Restoration Digital Twins

Reduce Cost and Gain Productivity Using Matterport & TruePlan for Xactimate


starting at $79

Automating the measure, sketch draft process not only saves time and money but ultimately enables property insurance professionals to focus on what only humans can do – taking care of policyholders when they are affected by a loss.

Hayley Davidson, Owner of Metroplex 360

Whether you are a property owner, builder, restoration expert, subcontractor or insurance adjuster, the benefits of creating a digital twin during a restoration or renovation process are huge; reducing cost and time, while gaining productivity and efficiency during the project.


One of the most time-consuming processes during a restoration project is the need to physically return to a site for the purpose of re-measuring. The measurement tool within the Matterport showcase allows anyone to remotely measure a space with a click of the mouse, which reaps multiple benefits for all entities involved with the restoration process. At 99% accuracy, and the ability to measure from any angle, this unquestionable documentation is accepted by most insurance adjusters as well!


Another benefit of adopting a Matterport 3D Digital Twin during the rebuilding process is the ability to expedite the claims process which reduces the wait time for repairs. Documenting damages with digital accuracy removes the obstacle of lost or inadequate pictures and notes. Utilizing a Matterport 3D scan of the damaged space allows faster communication with insurance carriers and gives all parties the opportunity to walk through the space to validate losses and damages.


Sharing a digital twin of your space is as simple as sending an email or posting a status update. Once the space is captured and processed a sharable link is available for anyone to virtually visit & walk through the space. Whether accessing via mobile device, tablet or desktop, the same tools and capabilities are available.

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