Schematic Floor Plans


As creating a digital twin becomes more prevalent in the real estate industry, it is important not to exclude some of the more traditional methods of property marketing! Schematic floor plans are an essential and expected element that should be included in your marketing efforts.


Giving a potential buyer or tenant a visual aid to understand the layout of a property adds a perspective of the space that differs from photographs or 3D scans. This perspective provides an overall view of the layout, flow and dimensions of each room, as well as the location of doorways and closets. 


Metroplex 360 is able to create a schematic floor plan based off of any past or future Matterport space with 2D, 3D and colorized options available.

Metroplex 360 is able to create a schematic floor plan based off of any past or future Matterport space with 2D, 3D and colorized options available.

As with most of the services provided by Metroplex 360, we are able to deliver the final product in 24 – 72 hours! Click here to inquire more about how we can elevate your properties online presence!

Virtual Staging for Property Photographs & Digital Twins

Virtual staging showcases the potential that a space has by digitally including a number of elements that help a remote viewer envision themselves there. These elements can include styling the interior of the space with your preferred style of furniture and decor, or enhancing landscape and twilight in exterior photographs. Let’s take a closer look at how Metroplex 360 can elevate your property in as little as 3 to 4 days!


Metroplex 360 offers a variety of staging styles that give you the flexibility to design the space to target a specific audience. This gives your space an impressive online presence during a potential buyer’s initial online search. Not only are we able to digitally add elements, but digitally removing elements becomes helpful if a space needs decluttering or can provide privacy to a current resident. 


Virtual Twilight by Metroplex 360
Virtual Twilight by Metroplex 360
Virtual Day to Dusk by Metroplex 360

Whether a commercial, multi-family or residential property, the exterior shot of your property often becomes the featured photograph when creating an online presence. Outside elements are not always ideal during the scheduled photo session and can impact the overall appearance of your property. Having the option to capture the perfect lighting without having to reschedule is not only cost effective, but can speed up the time frame for listing a property.


Matterport Showcases and 3D Tours are quickly becoming the standard in remote viewing of a property. With that in mind, being able to virtually stage a digital twin is not as standard! Metroplex 360 is able to offer staging services within a 3D capture as well as photographs, and this includes any past captures done by Metroplex 360!


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How To Enhance Your Virtual Tour

Digital Twin technology is revolutionizing the way people interact with property both personally and professionally.  Whether you are a designer working on a new project, retail shop looking to provide a virtual shopping experience, restaurant concept, or hunting for your next home or office space – a Digital Twin provides remote viewing and an unmatchable perspective. 

Making your digital twin stand apart from the next includes paying attention to the details within your virtual scan! Metroplex 360 is able to provide some additional overlay options that give you the added touch needed to emphasize your space’s virtual tour.

Take a look at one of our most recent projects with CBRE (Click Here)!


One feature that may be beneficial to your space, is linking several digital twin scans into a single showcase. This can be helpful when you have multiple spaces that are not physically linked. This gives your intended viewer one showcase link that they are able to click through, without the hassle of toggling between multiple links to get the full picture.

CBRE captured by Metroplex 360


Strategically placing a logo within your digital twin adds consistency to your business and your businesses branding strategy. It has become increasingly more important to input a logo as an added detail in order to stand apart from competing virtual tours. A banner logo can be added to display during the loading process of the virtual tour, as well as into the details summary page. 

CBRE captured by Metroplex 360


Metroplex 360 provides the following as additional showcase inclusions:

  • Enhanced About Box
  • Link to aerial photography / videography 
  • Link to PDF brochure 
  • Minimap
  • Mattertag DIRECTORY 
  • Featured Image in Detail Panel
  • Dollhouse View Background Color Option (Black, White, Grey)
  • Color Filters
  • Background Music

Already have a digital twin of your space that needs added to? Metroplex 360 is able to provide these overlay options on previous 3D Matterport scans. For more information, email us at: or click here!

Largest Matterport 3D Tour Captured of Retail Space

Living Spaces, a nationwide 135,000 sqft home furnishings retailer, commissioned Metroplex360 RCS to create a massive Matterport 3D model of their new showroom. The newly opened Frisco store is the second location in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and the 26th total for the company. The Frisco location offers collections in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, home offices, outdoor and youth.

Capturing this massive commercial real estate project required pushing the Matterport Capture ecosystem to its limits. Capture was done over a period of 6 days, beginning with a structural scan with the LEICA BLK 360. We used a true LIDAR capture device to ensure accuracy and create a framework for filling in additional 3D scans with the Matterport Pro-2.

Due to the extensive size, the tour was split into 2 separate models. The larger model encompasses the main sales floor and features 1,352 individual scan points. The smaller model is an additional 268 scans and features the Revive Sleep Center, bedding and youth sections. The two models flow together naturally through a dividing wall where Mattertags were used to link the two models.

During the initial capture, the Matterport Capture software began to crash and stop performing due to memory restrictions. We reached out to technical support and it was confirmed that this may be the largest tour captured and they could not even guarantee that it would process to a completed model!

We perservered, upgraded our iPads to the latest generation model and waited while it took 5 days to process the final product. We were thrilled to provide the final product to Spaces, which will debut on their website soon (we’ll update this article with a link when it’s live!)

Living Spaces, Frisco Texas. Main Showroom – 1,352 Scans – Approximately 110,000 SQFT

We also had the opportunity to create a set of showroom imagery showcasing the different mini-model homes located in the store as well as aerial photography of the exterior.