Capture Services for Home & Interior Design


Whether beginning a new home build or redesigning the space you already have, there are multiple reality capture services that can increase the productivity of your upcoming project!


Click Here to view full space – Captured by Metroplex 360

Once a new home build begins, one of the next steps is to begin designing the interior of the space. A digital twin of a build in its infancy gives the builders, contractors, and buyers the remote access needed to reduce both cost and time during a project. In addition, it is a useful tool when designing the interior of the space. With both measurement and virtual staging capabilities, a virtual walk through gives a visual perspective that can only be matched by physically walking the property. 


Once a property is in its final building stages, planning the home decoration and design of the space is the next step! Metroplex 360 offers Matterport Scans, Interior and Exterior HDR Photography, Aerial Photography and Floor Plans making interior design planning a breeze! Potential buyers are able to get the entire visualization of a property and interior designers are able to use these elements within future portfolios.


Implementing Mattertags within a Matterport Showcase provides added information to specific elements inside the space. Notated with a circular blue icon, these mattertags are easy to identify and can include a description of an item and pricing. Click on the example below to view a space captured by Metroplex 360 with this feature included!

With a 24-72 hour delivery – Metroplex 360 is ready to help you spring into your next home design!

Virtual Staging for Property Photographs & Digital Twins

Virtual staging showcases the potential that a space has by digitally including a number of elements that help a remote viewer envision themselves there. These elements can include styling the interior of the space with your preferred style of furniture and decor, or enhancing landscape and twilight in exterior photographs. Let’s take a closer look at how Metroplex 360 can elevate your property in as little as 3 to 4 days!


Metroplex 360 offers a variety of staging styles that give you the flexibility to design the space to target a specific audience. This gives your space an impressive online presence during a potential buyer’s initial online search. Not only are we able to digitally add elements, but digitally removing elements becomes helpful if a space needs decluttering or can provide privacy to a current resident. 


Virtual Twilight by Metroplex 360
Virtual Twilight by Metroplex 360
Virtual Day to Dusk by Metroplex 360

Whether a commercial, multi-family or residential property, the exterior shot of your property often becomes the featured photograph when creating an online presence. Outside elements are not always ideal during the scheduled photo session and can impact the overall appearance of your property. Having the option to capture the perfect lighting without having to reschedule is not only cost effective, but can speed up the time frame for listing a property.


Matterport Showcases and 3D Tours are quickly becoming the standard in remote viewing of a property. With that in mind, being able to virtually stage a digital twin is not as standard! Metroplex 360 is able to offer staging services within a 3D capture as well as photographs, and this includes any past captures done by Metroplex 360!


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