We Capture Matterport 3D Spaces with Method Scanning

We are fanatical about pushing Matterport 3D Capture technology to its limits in order to provide the best Matterport experiences in each of our scans.

No matter how large a space is, our team operates on a playbook that enforces intentional methods for 3D Capture and ensures consistency for every space.  We have termed this Method Scanning.

When a space is scanned using Method Scanning, it ensures that as a user navigates your space, they will be able to view each room from each corner as well as the center.   This translates into a deeper sense of freedom which increases immersion and further blurs the distance between reality and virtual reality.

Method Scanning also focuses on completion of the 3D Dollhouse.  The famous ‘dollhouse’ view that each tour begins with is often seen as a novelty when it quickly disappears as a viewer enters the walkthrough tour.  What many people do not realize is that Matterport Spaces are always navigated in 3D.

When a space is not captured properly, transitions between imagery can result in nausea from inconsistent placement of each scan.  In addition, 3D models that have holes will result in strange parallax movement while transitioning between panoramas.  This is because when moving between two locations, the underlying 3D model is displayed briefly during motion.  An effective three dimensional cross fade occurs which is quite breathtaking.  In a space that is not properly captured, graphical glitches occur including imagery moving in different directions from the viewer.

In order to do this, we take the extra time to add additional scans to capture the insides of bathtubs, the tops of refrigerators, and behind furniture — and we’ll go to  great effort to correctly close gaps in the 3D model caused by windows, reflective surfaces and areas obscured by furniture.  As these scans are often not useful for the walkthrough experience, we’ll disable them – but you’ll still experience the results in the quality of the tour.

We also take the time to ensure that our cameras will not appear in your tour.  We will creatively find solutions by scanning around mirrors, lowering our camera, or even by using staging to avoid  breaking your viewer’s immersion.  There is no excuse.  Even a mirrored hallway can be scanned if properly planned for.

Without a playbook to follow, one is only ’emotionally’ scanning based on where they ‘feel’ that they should be placing the camera.  The result is a tour that ‘feels’ haphazard and inconsistent.

Why do we do this?

We take a lot of pride in our work and the satisfaction of our clients.  By taking extra time at each location, I believe that our uncompromising standards are worth the extra effort.

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